Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pepper shaker

pepper shaker
12/21. Pepper shaker, oil on linen panel, 4x4 in.

Thought I'd go back to something other than produce. This was incredibly hard, and I was surprised it turned out ok.

We're off on Sunday to see family (the East Coast gang) and it seems I'll probably be without Internet access for a while. I'm bringing my paints though, and might actually produce something but who knows. I'll add more to this post perhaps when I get back.

I wish everyone and their families a very happy Christmas - yes, not a happy holiday or winter break or season's something or other. It is, after all, the Christ-mass that the holiday marks and for which most people have scrambled to get gifts and cards in the mail in time, even if they don't personally agree with any of it. I wish plenty of nuts and a tasty orange or two in the toe end of everyone's stocking! See you soon....