Friday, August 24, 2007

Work in progress(?): Alphabet blocks

I didn't have much time last night so I kept this to under an hour. Maybe I'll finish it tonight. Yesterday I made it into the local Jerry's Artarama for the first time (don't ask me how I'd never known it was there before) and quickly looked over their Gamblins, Williamsburgs etc. just as they were closing. Tried some Gamblins here for the first time (on a little 5x3 panel) and I think they may change my life.... I guess this is how seriously out of touch one can get when he has given up painting for long periods of time.

Not to disappoint my die-hard collectors ; ) but I've upped the starting bids for any pieces 5x7 and larger to $45 - to help offset outrageous eBay fees, gas prices, effects of global warming and such.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Old Holland paints?

Dan P. Carr said...

i must get some on my next visit to the Artarama