Saturday, September 1, 2007

Open book

8/31: Open book, oil on canvas panel, approx. 8x6 in.

The book was Ralph Mayer's Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques - I often think about painting a stack of books, but always find I have none that are interesting on the outside. I thought the placement here very satisfying, with the contrast out toward the edges and the book's "important" part subdued.

Old English word of the day:
bóc [bōk]
This also meant a beech tree - the plural béc pronounced [bāch] - so it is supposed that the word "book" originated from the pieces of wood used in Northern Europe to write/engrave upon - in the same way that Greek biblion (papyrus) and Latin liber (inner bark of linden/basswood) referred to writing materials.

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