Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hubbard squash

Hubbard squash
10/29: Hubbard squash, oil on canvas panel. approx. 12x9 in.

I began using Venice turpentine for the first time the other day on this piece. The honey-like thickness is like some of the stickier stand oil mediums I've made, but unlike anything with oil it dries quickly and I found myself better able to layer and blend when I wanted. It smells wonderful too. And it's relaxing to me having something of this thickness along with Galkyd Lite and plain oil there in front of me to choose from (sometimes I dip into all three), and somehow I've been using turpentine less.

Idiot that I am, I felt I'd read enough about it in the books and went immediately to grab what's generally agreed to be the "finest" brand (and in the larger, costlier size), only then to find all sorts of blog/forum posts online (here's one) about getting the same stuff for ridiculously cheap in a can at an equestrian shop. It's used on horses' hooves or something....


Carol H. said...

I really like your squash painting; it has a voluptuous, almost womanly look to it, and the somewhat monochrome color scheme gives it an elegance.

Does the venice turpentine smell bad?

Dan P. Carr said...

Thanks Carol.
It smells pretty good, hard to describe... like pine sap, but very delicate not harsh like gum turps. And kind of herbal/medicinal - I read it was an ingredient of some old-time remedies (for people) too.