Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sketch of Breagha

sketch of Breagha
11/16: Sketch of Breagha, oil on linen panel, 5x3 in.

I took my palette into the poorly lit (even in the afternoon) living room and hoped for something at least halfway, while my daughter was sitting still and eating her lunch. A spur of the moment thing, and I was using mainly color blobs still on the palette from the previous night. This was probably about 20 minutes and, though I did some cleaning up later, I left most things alone like the light on her head that I know is off - the light, that is, not her head. I think I got the "feel" of the profile with her bulbous forehead (though it could even be bigger than this). She has quite a resemblance to the Curious George cartoon, actually, also she's very much like a tiny cub of some sort. She turned 19 months the other day.


strugglingwriter said...

That is a very nice painting. Very cute. I love this one.

Also, I received you email and will respond when I have more time.

Anonymous said...

hehe, I like this picture of "cubby" it is very much like her, with the little nose just ever so.

Her mouth isn't so defined, but it adds character :)

I like it :)