Friday, December 14, 2007


12/12. Clementine, oil on linen panel, 4x6 in.

clementine start

It seems as though everyone has painted a peeled clementine at one time or another so I thought I'd try as well. Again I photographed the very beginning stage and it shows how unpredictably I start to work sometimes - I was a little sad that I had to get much thicker with the paint.

I took a break last night from painting and instead wrote some of the thoughts I'd been having lately (after which I meant to post this piece but I didn't get that far). To the previous post I feel I should add that those "other" ideal qualities to strive for in painting were only the ones that came to mind the most easily to me. Also, in having the opinion that I do I might only keep myself from attaining the level of discipline needed to begin mastering those other qualities. Yet, I believe all of those things will just manifest themselves more and more with time, simply as a result of being productive and acting on inspiration, being viscerally receptive to paint's little accidents.

I must surely come off as offensive any time I suggest simply that some painters are a dead master's wannabes (I think they would easily outpaint me, as true wannabes have incredible discipline). Now couldn't someone say the same about me, based on everything I've said about Bonington? Yeah, maybe I'd give a body part or two to paint as well as he did, but if I suddenly could I still wouldn't reproduce his way of "seeing" and be attracted to the same things he was, composing pictures the way he did. Especially as I have my own quirks, as do most painters. And of course most aren't wannabes (and, like me, have wide ranging influences), yet there are so many who try real hard to turn into the next Sargent, say, and just become indistinguishable from all the rest. Well at least they employ a consistent "style," so who am I to say anything?...


Alvin Richard said...

Hi Dan,
I've read your last few postings. You writting is outstanding. You should be an art critic. Your latest work is beautiful. It is a very controlled realist-impressionist style. There is assurance in your brush strokes. Your color palette is sticking. It is possible that if you tied larger pieces with a more eloborate composition that your worries would be put to rest. You already have what it takes. Continued success. BTW...I've tagged you if you are up for it.

Alvin Richard said...

Sorry Dan....I meant striking (not stiking)

Jason Waskey said...


And here I thought I was going to get to be the first to 'tag' you! I just finished my "I tagged you!" post, only to come here and find Mr. Richard beat me to it.

Ah well. You're 'double tagged'.

And I agree-- your work *and* your writing is great.

Dan P. Carr said...

Thank you very much Alvin. I wish I writing came more easily. It takes me forever.
Jason, I finally made it to your blog and would have tagged you if I had been quicker. Thanks!