Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bosc Pears

Bosc Pears
2/13. Bosc Pears, oil on linen panel, 7x5 in. SOLD

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Before the Middle Ages, the pear had been considered a superior fruit to the apple. By the end of the Sung Dynasty (China, A.D. 1279), over one hundred varieties of pear existed while there was but one apple. This preference for the pear carried over to Greece and Rome as well. A discussion of fruit growth by the Greek writer Theophrastus included grafting and cross-pollination techniques for pears alone; in Rome, Pliny the Elder described 41 varieties of pear, while only three types of apple were noted.


Elsita :) said...

You are such a gifted Painter!
Truly gifted!
Elsita :)

Dan P. Carr said...

thank you Elsa for the kind words : )


I see your growth in each new painting. I really like your Pears. The lighting is very nice, very soft. I challenge you to explore the beauty that is natural light. Try to direct it from one source. I sometimes use a shoe box. You can paint the inside to change the look of the background. You can even paint the same thing and change just the background and see the changing effects that color has with an object. Just a little exercise you could try. I used to do it with a white egg. Hope you are well. Keep up the good work.