Friday, August 17, 2007

White turnip

White turnip, oil on canvas panel, approx. 7x5 in.

8/16. I always forget that our DSL modem is something you can turn off/on. When I was ready to upload this picture and I couldn't connect I wasted plenty of time rebooting, running a bot check, even calling about our account (and having to respond to questions asked by a computer on the other end that couldn't understand my voice half the time). Until a real person in India or somewhere reminded me to try switching off the modem for a few seconds. So silly.

Old English word of the day:
dysig [roughly, dü'-zē]: foolish, irrational.
(dysigdóm, dysignes: folly.)
Interestingly, modern "turnip" comes from turn (probably from its being shaped like something turned on a lathe) + M.E. nepe (turnip, rape; from O.E. nǽp, L. napus). Scots have a word, "neep."

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Anonymous said...

I like the color scheme used here. The turnip is very realistic. Nice work.