Sunday, October 14, 2007

Banana #2

banana #2
10/13: Banana #2, oil on canvas panel, 5x3.5 in.

It took a few tries to decide what to do with the background at the top, having left it so empty. (I notice I have a subconscious tendency to find the square or the golden section within a rectangular picture plane, but that can be a topic for another day.) I found the blue-green to echo the green in the banana (should be the subject's colors echoing the background, really), and there's some airiness up there which feels nice. I always find it hard to give the feeling of air - or rather it's easy to stumble upon and just as easy to kill, but hard for me to do purposefully - it's easier to capture the light well enough to feel that I can get my hand behind an object. But painting air around something helps make it more solid.

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Rebecca A. Sweet said...

Your site was mentioned on another blog and I just thought I'd check it out....great work!