Thursday, October 18, 2007

Work in progress

in progress...

This may have been a couple of hours further along. I spent a good deal of time trying to get the red/orange/pink of the middle leaf and red/purple of the right leaf to make sense within the larger scheme. Then I played around with different elements in the background and trying out different colors. It has been very slow going but I will finish it and not let it languish incomplete (as my self-portrait is doing). Please bear with me.

The stick got a little too delineated and will have to be knocked back a little, especially on the left end. So far the bark hasn't been very complicated, just a matter of finding the right colors to lay down. I get frustrated a lot of the time knowing in my mind the kinds of effects I'm after in my painting and not being able to recreate them. Once in a while I look in my art books for specific guidance, on textures for example, and last night looked at Lawrence Alma-Tadema again for the first time in years - anyone not familiar already should find a book on him and have their mind blown. Sheesh ... what is this fauvist junk I'm painting? I need to restrict my palette.

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Paul said...

A friend of mine, (see here: ) works only with Ult. blue, cad red, cad yell and white.

Says he can get just about anything he wants out of it and almost assures a good degree of color harmony. I've tried it briefly with success, but I'm not the oil painter you are.

I hope you don't touch that background, it's beautiful!

Do you know Richard Schmid's work? (No relation, alas.)

BTW, I just sold a painting. Yippie!