Thursday, June 5, 2008

Avocado #4

Avocado #4
6/3. Avocado #4, oil on linen panel, 5x7 in. SOLD

I don't have a good studio set-up with sunlight through a window; I had constructed a thing recently sort of like a photographer's macro light box/tent, using a white cloth to soften the light - something I had been thinking about coincidentally about the time I read
Paul's comment way back - but I can't say yet how effective it is. Here I shone my lamp through a white trash bag.

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Very nice use of a trash bag for a filter. It softens the light nicely. I like seeing the gradation in light on your back ground. This along with showing the edge of the table meeting the background helps create depth and gives weight to you avocado. You feel a greater sense of space than you do with your strawberries, which are also nice. Keep pushing yourself and keep up the good work.


p.s. not sure if you are familiar with James Gurney, but he has a really helpful and insightful blog on painting. Check it out.