Monday, January 28, 2008

Lemon and bowl

lemon and bowl
1/27. Lemon and bowl, oil on linen panel, 5x5 in. SOLD

I was confident in putting another element into the picture and wanted to keep it loose and quick but I really struggled here. At the start it seemed that this little Japanese dipping bowl would be the tricky thing, but it was the lemon that gave me the hardest time. I fudged with the color the whole time and with its "seat" in the bowl, just unable to make it feel like it wasn't weightless there. Maybe it was the second indirect light source throwing me off, or that I was starting to get hungry but forced myself to keep going, or it was a few too many bad songs and annoying commercials on the radio at the time. Eventually, though I lost the looseness I managed to unify some parts color-wise to get it at least in the right direction.


Alvin Richard said...

Great job on this piece, nice mariage of colors. A simple composition that is beautifully presented.

If I can make a comment, I find it difficult to read your blog with the black background. Afterwards, I am left with a visual imprint of the script in the memory of my retina that lasts several minutes. But the black does frame your artwork in a very dramatique way!

Jason Waskey said...

I often find myself drawn to Asian ceramics... it has such great color and character.

I love your treatment of edge: I see a constant consideration of lost and found edges throughout your work, and this is no exception.

Dan P. Carr said...

Thanks guys.
Alvin, I've actually been meaning to switch to a white background for a while - thank you for still reading and risking retinal injury :)