Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potato Cairn

potato cairn
Potato Cairn, oil on canvas panel, 10x8 in.

(Why have I not been capitalizing the words in my titles?...) This was a good exercise and I probably need to do something like it once in a while, but I was glad to finish it. I was up late painting it, which made it feel like it was taking much longer, but it turned out to be just under five hours including the previous night.


Julie K. Rose said...

Dan, I love this! I love the colors and the shading. I know it was a pain for you to do, but it turned out just lovely.

Dan P. Carr said...

thanks a lot Julie!

Jason Waskey said...

At first I thought that I was going to like the looser earlier stage (posted Wednesday) better, but no, you really pulled it together very well.

Nicely done, Mr. Carr.

Dan P. Carr said...

I thought I would too... whew.