Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Delicata squash #2

delicata squash 2
11/27: Delicata squash #2, oil on linen panel, 4x8 in.

In preparation for the Paint Out I worked out of my paint box to get more used to it. A few months ago I came across a simple way of turning it into a pochade, and discovered last night when I put it into action for the first time that it was too wobbly on the tripod. I started the painting pretty flustered and holding the box steady with one hand most of the time, expecting only to get a basic sketch. Eventually I relaxed enough to let it go and had a better time. I didn't have my lights on my work as usual so I ended up using too much chalky white throughout, but it could have gone worse. Now I'm trying to fix whatever was wrong with the box, hoping it won't take something MacGyverish.

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Paul said...

Really nice stuff lately! Beautiful color on squash #1.
Hey, I've been painting myself lately. Check out my blog to see the first effort I'm willing to show.
Thanks for being so inspiring!