Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Delicata squash

delicata squash
11/26: Delicata squash, oil on linen panel, 4.5x6.75 in.

Also called a potato/sweet potato/Bohemian squash, the delicata is an heirloom variety, and supposedly one of the tastier squashes. We had the ambercup last night and it was quite tasty too! I like that I stayed fairly loose in this piece, tightening up only gradually from the beginning stages. (I hope I can keep things loose on Friday, whatever it is I end up painting.) Overall I'm happy with this, though I don't think I captured the tautness of the actual squash.

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Carol H. said...

Nice job on this one! I like the way you handled the shadows in the grooves of the squash. I'm a little biased because Delicatas are my favorite squash!