Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gold potatoes

gold potatoes
11/24: Gold potatoes, oil on linen panel, 6x5 in.

I like that these are looser and fresher though they seem very stony, more so than yesterday's potato. Looking for reasons to use Indian yellow (other than as a possible glaze), I hit the top left edge of the left potato with some, which was toned down a bit later, perhaps defeating the purpose. If I were someone who had more painting pyrotechnics up my sleeve I could have done some of the glowing, feathered-edge type of effect that makes everyone drool. Anyway, that's not me. But I look at this and think someday I might come close to getting the highlighting and transparency and general roundness of form in good balance the way old (actually, young) Bonington did. Someday.... If he'd have chosen to paint a potato I think he could have done it faster than I could get a knife out of the drawer to peel one.

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