Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lemon #2

lemon #2
11/6: Lemon #2, oil on linen panel, 5x5 in.

I tried to do better with the light transitions along the edges, and was reminded of the days I watched Markowsky paint, and how once upon a time maybe I actually "got it" - what's happened since? Oh yeah, I'd practically given up painting.... Painters and their damn "transitions," it's all they talk about.

I went to another craft store last night and found some #6 Arttec/Loew-Cornell bristle brushes for a dollar(!), so I got a few different shapes. Here I used some of those and a couple smaller ones like a cheap #3 round that I like, whose bristles are a great length for me (but which loses about 20 hairs and a brush size every time I use it so I'll soon have to find a replacement in a decent brand). Not bad for using only bristle brushes and some that I consider fat. Curses to whatever it is that makes me want to use tiny brushes!

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Carol H. said...

Nice shadow colors on your lemon!