Sunday, November 4, 2007

Small log #5

small log #5
11/3: Small log #5, oil on linen panel, 5x3 in.

I guess I felt a bit more inspired this time - inspired to STOP before wrecking the parts I like. Man, I'm tired of coming up with some nice effects (accidental or not) then obliterating them totally because in some way it's more comfortable repeating crap brushtrokes that aren't working. So I left it this way, before filling it up with more brushwork of that type.

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Anonymous said...

Fresh, gestural, lively. I really like the unfinished areas. Has more of the rough personality of a log than your previous efforts. Beautiful.

It inspires me with an idea, since I often feel I overwork my pieces. I'm going to pre-set a time limit on how long I work on something. Let's say a half an hour. Then I will STOP. set a timer for 10 minutes and just look at the darn thing and decide what REALLY needs more effort, and what is already saying what I want to say. Try to use my brains more than my hands.

Paul Schmid